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Why Kinghorne?

Inspiration and Action, Policy Leadership, Entrepreneurial Vision, Science and Innovation, and Ecosystems

Kinghorne is derived from Kenya INGroup HORizon NEcessities, the previous name of the business. It is also the Scottish name derived from the Gaelic Cean—gorn or gorm, “the blue head.” Bluehead is a fish of the tropical eastern Atlantic, large males of which have a blue head and green body with vertical stripes, and females are mostly yellowish. Accordingly, blue is for strategy, yellow for growth, green for platform. As being an acronym, Kinghorne states its name represents “strategic growth platform”. Fundamentally, all actions are either adaptations to existing contexts, or disruptions that offer a strategic growth platform for policy options, pilot projects and market mechanisms in agribusiness, finance, education, communication and health sectors.

On 11 June 2003, Kinghorne was formed by Kennedy Adongo, a Kenyan economist, diplomat and educationist, joined by Lilian Ogada, clinical program manager, and registered on 11 June 2012 by Wilfred Gose, civil engineer, for the purpose of expanding peace, gender, digital, climate, wealth and generational “opportunity zones” in “disadvantaged communities” after a series of eco-social political economy feasibility studies, using apply design thinking, continually work on a ‘test-adapt-learn’ loop ideas. The vision was coined by Christine Marube, programme officer at Equity Group Foundation as “offer solutions” on 18/09/2012.

Product Design and Impact
Kennedy Adongo owned the first 80 percent of Kinghorne’s shares worth of 20000 KES of his savings from his childhood rabbit retail business, whose capital came from sale of gifts given to him on special days such as Birthdays, Christmas and New Year, with the vision to aid structural interventions that will result in a shorter decision turnaround time and greater fiscal discipline as evident in the timely decision systems, value for money proposition, cost savings, competitive advantage and sustainability for sectors such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, avionics, medical devices, semiconductors, cosmetics and biotechnology.

Data Coordination, Governance and Partnerships
Kinghorne is formulating national scientific research and technology policies, improving the quality of education and building a knowledge society, raising levels of investment in research and development and innovation, promoting regional cooperation, supporting the establishment of an international mechanism for facilitating data development to start-ups and SMEs, transfer and diffusion of environmentally sound and clean technology to developing countries, and reconsidering the current forms of cooperation in technology transfer, indigenization and financing, including South-South, North-South, triangular partnerships.

Pacts to boost entrepreneurship, investments and policymaking
Kinghorne has signed memoranda of understanding (MOU) on political and diplomatic consultations; civil aircraft; tourism and wildlife conservation, climate change and other environmental issues; deepen trade and investment; women empowerment and community development, leadership program for African students and young professionals, disability affairs, cooperatives, sports and recreation activities; boosting smallholder agricultural research, innovation management and community linkages.

Using Predictive Analytics to Improve Customer Experience Through Personalization
We are offering state-of-the-art solutions in such diverse areas as agribusiness, finance, education, communication and health. We use data to offer our customers with personalized shopping experiences, and reduce costs at, and away from, the border.

Strategic Growth Platform: 5 Things we Consider
In the world of big data, you will often encounter two disciplines: data science and data analytics. They both require different (but overlapping in certain areas) competencies and skill sets. Nonetheless, both fields of study are highly lucrative and offer good opportunities to those interested in going the extra mile. If you’re looking to make some important business decisions, but you’re unsure of the option to choose, read on about the top points of differentiation through storytelling and planning.

According to Darwin’s Origin of Species, it is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust. Therefore, if we really want to transform the place where we work, then we should think of efficient buildings with “green” features including wide clear windows with a north/south orientation to allow natural lighting to filter in while keeping direct heat away from the building to eliminate the need for a mechanical air conditioning system, a green roof garden that reduces heat gain, making the building cooler most of the day, a sound-proof auditorium, gym, fitness studies and cafeteria. This is what future asset management and development opportunity should look like, to increase investments in more high-return fields. Joseph Oganda Olunga, Chairman, the Tembo Sacco, a over 2,400-member savings and credit cooperative society made up of EABL current and former staff, 11/08/2000.

The bottom-line: Customer needs, expectations, understandings, and product improvement. Kinghorne is a macroeconomic modelling analyst: industry, Investor & customer confidence level surveys; interpreting and summarising analysis of key Macroeconomic events e.g. Budget reading for EAC countries / Economic Survey/Household survey/ Vision 2030 MTP/ County strategic plans / Global Findex / IMF FAS/ Country Credit Ratings; conduct detailed financial modeling, business opportunity assessments and other financial analyses to support strategic decision making; strategic Competitive Intelligence (CI), peer performance, external Environment PESTEL scanning, Game Theory Analysis – undertand top competitors, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, approach to compete and win; strategic research on product, process and business model innovations; present analytics proposals, solutions & key insights/recommendations at strategic level; County/Sovereign/ political risk analysis; and macroeconomic research and key ratios analysis (Global, African, EAC/Kenya/County Governments).

The compass line: We dream, plan and build skills, infrastructures, business and government. At the Kinghorne, the paramount consideration is the efficiency with which information is collected, decision-making is organized, tasks are allocated among implementing agencies, the quality of personnel, the discipline of the shareholders, integrity and transparency of the financial workings, including audit functions and the degree of delegation of responsibilities in business commitments and positions.

Re-building a diverse global footprint where innovation and sustainability play a role in addressing trade finance ecosystem, industry efficiency and structural challenges: Kinghorne operates Electronic Instruments (EIG) and Electromechanical (EMG). The company’s EIG segment offers advanced instruments for the process, aerospace, power, and industrial markets; process and analytical instruments for the oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, automation, and food and beverage industries; and instruments to the laboratory equipment, ultra-precision manufacturing, medical, and test and measurement markets. This segment also provides power quality monitoring and metering devices, uninterruptible power supplies, programmable power equipment, electromagnetic compatibility test equipment, sensors for gas turbines, dashboard instruments for heavy trucks and other vehicles, and instrumentation and controls for the food and beverage industries; and aircraft and engine sensors, monitoring systems, power supplies, fuel and fluid measurement systems, and data acquisition units for the aerospace industry. EMG offers engineered electrical connectors and electronics packaging for protecting sensitive electronic devices; precision motion control products for data storage, medical devices, business equipment, automation and other applications; high-purity powdered metals, strip and foil, specialty clad metals, and metal matrix composites; motor-blower systems and heat exchangers for use in thermal management, military, commercial aircraft, and military ground vehicles; and motors for use in commercial appliances, fitness equipment, food and beverage machines, hydraulic pumps, and industrial blowers. It also operates a network of aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul facilities.

Happy New Year Kennedy! Enjoy good livelihood, security and peace. Every year gives life a new horizon and decisive direction to fight the good fight of faith, with great heart, believing that when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true. Whether it is safety, health, happiness or future prospects of our communities or Kenya my motherland. Work with others to ensure that schools are conducive and welcoming for children with disabilities and work conscientiously to get girls and children of ethnic minorities enrolled. As the pendant of Africa, rewrite the future programmes from Kenya, Egypt, Angola, Ivory Coast to Chad. As a corporate matter, initiate current affairs, governance, development and geopolitics of petrochemicals, tech infrastructure, manufacturing, refining and mining, to create the premier market-leading multinational business. Lay your plans at the centre for tea, coffee, milk, rice and horticulture industry to increase the farmer’s returns; institutional capacity building of the state; and value service to citizens. May God give you the prestige of old age to become a man of value, to incline your divine self to goodwill on weighty matters of sovereignty, territorial integrity, political economy, feminist constitutionalism and international trade rules. Have courage and be kind to safeguard humanity and nature. Reene Migen Sao, your complete mom, 01/01/1996.

a) Kinghorne Blue Skies Sermon
Luke 6:31.42.48 – Jesus calls “integrity, competence, efficiency blue skies” that guarantee bio-healthcare; astrophysics and planetary science; coral reef restoration; precision farming and regenerative technology; smart city; mobility and robotics.

A key integrity principle (31) ‘And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.’ In this sermon lies a power of God’s blessings, human relationships, ethics and good character in agribusiness, finance, education, communications and health.

A secure competence (48) ‘Such a person is like the man who, when he built a house, dug, and dug deep, and laid the foundations on rock; when the river was in flood it bore down on that house but could not shake it, it was so well built.‘ i.e. agility in an integrated sustainable investing: Water, Food, Power, Data and Circular economy to support peace and security.

The result of efficiency (42) ‘Take the log out of your own eye first, and then you will see clearly enough to take out the splinter in your brother’s eyes.’ We are employee-centric and customer-centric organization that shifts values and transforms systems.

b) Kinghorne Money Ethics
The rationality of Kinghorne is to share profits or dividends for an approved period of time until you recoup your initial cash outlay to achieve high human development values and ranks. To observe the principle of ‘living within the company’s means’ by ensuring that annual expenditure does not exceed the annual revenue, Kinghorne came up with the following actionable and evidence-based Money Ethics blueprint towards long-run sustainability and resilience global footprints, not debt or aid:

The Kinghorne Formula 100% = R-30%: S-20%: I-20%: T-10%: C-10%: P-10%; R – Recurrent expenses; S – Savings expenses; I – Investment expenses; C– Capital expenses; T – Tithe expenses; P – Philanthropy expenses.

Source: Ecclesiastes 11:1 GNBUK
Invest your money in foreign trade, and one of these days you will make a profit.
GNBUK: Good News Bible (Anglicised) 1994

c) Kinghorne ‘In the hands of God’ Prayer
Kinghorne honors trade and investment as living images of Christ. The mission of this prayer is to do what is right, love loyalty and walk humbly with God who is the mountain where we run, fountain we drink from, shadow where we hide, ransom for our life, wind inside our sails, anchor in our waves, fire inside our veins, echo of our days. This prayer is key to shape the world.

Opening Prayer
V. God Knows our service values and God wills it,
R. In his true wisdom, we ask to leave everything on the field, from sports to politics.
V. St Catherine of Siena,
R. Pray for us to be the diversified lighthouse bursts of the shared value gamma rays.

Let us pray
In your hands God, let us act with fidelity, justice and integrity in rebuilding trade, infrastructure and industry efficiency as we enjoy peace and security, led with cords of human kindness, with bands of love. Christ, may our ecosystem business constantly shift with more connectivity, lower transaction cost, automation and fundamental societal shift to build value for the customer. Holy Spirit, turn our work into something easily digestible and fun to explore as we bring Kinghorne’s treasures to the masses.

Source: God Knows by Minnie Louise Haskins (1908); Ecclesiastes 11:1; Luke 1:37; Matthew 5:14-16; Proverbs 21:1; King of My Heart by Steffany Gretzinger; Jeremiah 9:23.33:6; Hosea 11:4; Micah 6:8; Holy Spirit by Jesus Culture; Enter One by Sol Seppy.

d) Kinghorne Logo
Kinghorne logo seeks to articulate just those kinds of practices here and now that can be considered emancipating. Kinghorne is adapting with agility to a new path – lives (health), livelihoods (economy) and living/lifestyle (social):

1. The globe shows Kinghorne’s vision “State-of-the-art solutions”, meaning Kinghorne is a symbol of resilience, determination and grace characterized by ‘frequent redesign, rebuild, reassessment and adaptation of plans.’
2. The blue and yellow monarch butterfly effects show Kinghorne’s mission “build agile eco-social political economy” such as “one village, one product semiconductors, avionics, medical equipment, and pharmaceuticals ripple effect systems.
3. The blue colour of the globe shows ‘consistency, finances, structures’ for people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership.
4. The deer and the eagle represent the ‘Kinghorne Zeal Anthem’, meaning the strength of Kinghorne lies in the “local value, global vision” convictions and spending a great deal of time in the company of like-minded individuals.

e) Kinghorne Shield
The shield represents the Kinghorne nature of sustainable development by diversification and integration in vast island airport and bridges, forged in steel and glass, humming with nuclear fusion, spaceports, high-speed trains, electric cars, wind turbines, solar panels and energy-efficient appliances by introducing new data-sharing systems, for we want to cut carbon footprint.

f) Kinghorne pendant, tapering or emancipation flag
Kinghorne flag is our identity. It values respect, support and appreciation and thus stands for dignity, unity and equality of the customer, staff and shareholder. It remains the world’s richest, most powerful flag with enormous leverage at its disposal.

1. The green colour is representing conviction in objective one ‘to encourage trade and investment’ i.e. green for independent and ordered in building productive alliances in skills and education; science and research; innovation and entrepreneurship.
2. The white colour is representing conviction in objective two ‘to support peace and security’ for equality and inclusivity.
3. The dark blue colour is representing conviction in objective three ‘to strengthen mutual democratic institutions’ i.e. a more prosperous, healthier nations, political independence, tackling inequality, strengthening government systems and institutions.
4. The black colour is representing conviction in objective four ‘to promote sustainable progressive development’ i.e. black for permanence and originality in increasing breadth and strength of innovation, boosting growth and improving living standards.
5.The yellow colour is representing conviction in objective five ‘to adapt climate change solutions’ i.e. yellow for incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into our investment processes that cover environmental factors (e.g., climate change alleviation, waste management, energy efficiency), social concerns (e.g., labour conditions, stakeholder diversity, human rights) and governance qualities (e.g., diversity of the board, transparency, narrowing pay gaps). Leon C. Megginson, Professor of Management and Marketing at Louisiana State University wrote in 1963: “According to Darwin’s Origin of Species, it is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself.”

g) Kinghorne Pledge of Allegiance
Kinghorne pledge begins with the right hand over the heart, and after reciting “to the Flag,” the right hand extends gracefully, palm upward, toward the Flag, and remains in this gesture till the end of the affirmation; whereupon hands drop to the side.

The Pledge
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the Kinghorne Limited, and for customer needs, expectations, understandings and product improvement under one God, to preserve and labour for unity, dignity and equality, with all humility and gentleness.

Source: Customer Diversity, a core value of Kinghorne as seen in Ephesians 4:1-6.  As it is, we have been given a crown as far superior growth catalysts, who are founded on better promises of pondering with prototypes and brainstorming with target customers via network, product and service in creative ways from incubators, accelerators, universities, mentors and coaches.

h) Kinghorne Motto
‘Service Values’ means design values in product policy, pricing policy, product promotion policy, distribution network policy, market research policy, and financing policy to promote rebuild South-South, North-South, and triangular collaboration.

i) Kinghorne Slogan
‘Shared value’ means the rationality of Kinghorne is to share profits or dividends for an approved period of time until you recoup your initial cash outlay to achieve high human development values and ranks: along and healthy life measured by life expectancy, access to knowledge measured by years of education people aged 25 and older receive in a life-time and a decent standard of living measured by equal purchasing power parity derived from the gross income expressed in constant.

j) Kinghorne Blueprint
Kinghorne blueprint is a lighthouse bursts of gamma rays emanating from one of the fastest-spinning stars in the galaxy. As strategic partners, our real purpose is to achieve long-term political, economic, cultural and people-to-people exchanges.

Strategic objectives:
1) Good international framework conditions through an ambitious trade policy and increased political-commercial advice.
2) Increased exports and market share through cooperation with public authorities and sector-specific specialization.
3) More high-growth companies (scale-ups) through internationalization and advisory support in all parts of the value chain.
4) Targeted attraction of investments with focus on knowledge and technology-intensive investments.
5) Kinghorne frontrunner position in innovation and digital transition by access to knowledge, innovation and technology.

k) Kinghorne Zeal Anthem
I have zeal to sustain trade
I unite to feed all the earth
I set my afetch core as flint
I act as a spur to cooperate
Free all ages full out in God
I shared value is to a slogan
I adapt to climate path care
I innovate a sept for a value
My loyalty in equal is of law
God gives me life on all side
I am a just focus of security
I am a pic of universal cause
I obey key asset of our peace
I press on to the open market
Battle is not mine but of God

Author: Kennedy Adongo, 6th Sunday of Easter, 17 May 2020.
Chords: Kinghorne Chambers Choir Chords.
Tune: Chordify #Jeremiah Olumo MIDI, PDF and Choral downloads platform for chords +254724917354>, 15/11/2020.
The history of ‘Anthem’: This anthem is a visible testimony to the zeal of this company, and we hope it will inspire generations to come to re-build or re-design solutions. Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to accomplish his work (John 4:34). St. Catherine of Siena aptly puts it “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”

Zeal Anthem as The Value of a Teacher Book Trailer Soundtrack, December 19, 2020, 6:27 PM:

You can get a copy of his book in paperback or Kindle versions here:

To find out more about this book trailer visit:

Merry Christmas Kennedy! Bankable leaders, statesmen, entrenched regimes, prestigious political masterclass and powerful corporations are well-placed to navigate uncharted waters with joy, love and peace. Think long-term, build a persuasive value for digital and data-driven foreign policy and national security, political and career officials, and management and budgeting in a transparent and collegial manner. That requires creative leadership for pharmaceutical manufacturing hubs, crop insurance and reinsurance, education or financial services, for intergenerational and intragenerational equity. Making noise in a sense, reduces your power or brand, for you take some good and lose it as a currency. Be who God meant you to be. Eat to live. Know thyself. You are Branch, for you will branch to care for people, to draw them with human cords, with bands of love. Run to win for the just shall live by faith. Flow like the River Nyando, put your face like a flint, do what is right and walk humbly with God to earn the unfading crown of glory, to give praise in the mighty dome of heaven, even as you invest in foreign trade on earth. Be the global development network, partnering to develop and share solutions. Esther Joel Sao, your stepmom, 25/12/1995.

a) Kinghorne economic diplomacy strategies
1) Good international framework conditions through an ambitious trade policy and increased political-commercial advice.
2) Increased exports and market share through cooperation with public authorities and sector-specific specialization.
3) More high-growth companies (scale-ups) through internationalization and advisory support in all parts of the value chain.
4) Targeted attraction of investments with focus on knowledge and technology-intensive investments.
5) Frontrunner position within innovation and digital transition through access to knowledge, innovation and technology.

b) The Kinghorne e-trade platform
Betsy Chia joined as the Chief Operating Officer at Kinghorne on 7 October 2018. She handles e-trade platform, from strategy, planning, timelines to spending and oversight. She heads Kinghorne’s branding, marketing and public relations at the 5 levels of broad market screening: 1. The analysis of the Basic Needs Potential. 2. Financial and Economic Forces. 3. Political and Legal Forces. 4. Socio-Cultural Forces. 5. Competitive Forces. Still, she determines feasibility study, market value, manufacturer share and growth valuation for optimization. She also leads the Kinghorne’s product policy, pricing policy, product promotion policy, distribution network policy, market research policy, and financing policy. e.g. for the non-fiction book “The Value of a Teacher”.

To find out more about “The Value of a Teacher” book visit:

c) Mastering Public Speaking, Presentations and Storytelling
Betsy started Authors Meet Authors Book Club in 2020. Today bestselling author global book club is the backbone of our visibility, sales and revenues. It allows us to form connections, influence decisions, and motivate change in society. This club brings together electrifying public speakers, master storytellers and effective communicators. The global online book club members choose a book to read every month, ranging from memoirs, biographies, historical and fiction, thrillers, etc.

To find out more about this book club visit:

d) Kinghorne governance structures and systems
We are building a footprint where innovation and sustainability play a role in addressing trade finance ecosystem, industry efficiency and structural challenges. Denish Nyaugu was the Company Secretary who also oversaw the tech advantage and shrewd marketing. Victor Okeyo was in-charge of long-term sustainability, not debt. Charles Olunga was in-charge of trade, investment, industry, technology, geopolitics and climate diversification via skills, infrastructures, government and business. Lilian Ogada oversaw programme budget and financial forecasts. Kennedy Adongo envisioned structural interventions.

Happy 10th Birthday prefect Kennedy! This day is a moon-shot at an orderly leadership, for astute, efficient and to-the-point on-the-ground impact governing. Well, I cannot be unmindful that without any desire or design on our part the leadership has brought you new duties and responsibilities which you must meet and discharge as you become a great man on whose growth and career from the beginning the governance has plainly written the high command and pledge of civilization. You shall now and henceforth be looked upon as having economic, military, technological, political and cultural strength as well as diplomatic and soft power influence potential. A life of faith in God alone, confidence in his love, care and mercy, is the path that leads to fullness of life in his grace and humility. Be a wrinkle in time. Transcend ages towards healthy, wealthy and productive society. Resilience is the model for today. Play by rules of evidence and win like-minded by dint of intellect, vision, suasion, legal mind, humour and deft negotiation. Be a catalyst to move people to have hope for change. Karen Abura, your cool aunt, 18/05/1994.

a). Prioritize Modernization and Innovation goals, values and systems
Kinghorne targets developers who want to secure lifetime income and build a future as business leaders, techies, politicians, investigative journalists, policymakers, financial experts, athletes and investors or industry barons. Our corporate agreements with educators, tech companies, and governments, the report notes, can help the developers succeed by improving internet access, education, business support and cloud tools. We are increasing infrastructure, devices, tools and product localization.

b). Business Strategy, Leadership & Negotiations objectives
 To ensure favourable international framework conditions.
How? An ambitious trade policy and an increased Global Public-Private Affairs effort
 To contribute to increased exports and market share for the Kenyan business sector
How? Cooperation with public authorities, sector-specific specialisation and an active multilateral effort
 To develop more high-growth enterprises through internationalisation
How? Customised guidance throughout the entire value chain and a digital focus
 To attract more investment to Kinghorne.
How? Targeted investment promotion with a focus on knowledge- and tech-intensive enterprises
 To strengthen the Kinghorne leadership position in the fields of innovation and the digital transition.
How? Increased access to knowledge, innovation and technology.

c) Political, economic and legal integration blueprint
 New door-openers for the Kinghorne business sector in high-income counties/countries;
 Targeted focus on high-value projects of strategic interest;
 Increased coordination of the Kinghorne’s travel activity;
 Promote Kinghorne strongholds through multilateral partnerships and cooperation;
 Increase opportunities for financing for Kinghorne investments in high-growth and high-volume markets;
 Strengthened focus on internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises with growth potential;
 Easy access to knowledge about internationalization on digital platforms;
 A new elite programme for ‘born globals’;
 More Kinghorne products in international e-commerce marketplaces;
 A special focus on health and life science;
 Facilitate greater access to knowledge about new technologies, business models and international risk capital;
 Strengthen Kinghorne companies’ market access through innovation in selected markets;
 Promote Kinghorne innovative solutions through a new innovation fund;
 Kinghorne as a hub for data centres and downstream industry;
 Stronger focus on attracting investments within digital growth areas; and
 Enhance focus on attracting particularly knowledge- and technology-intensive.  

“Consider the Kochogo cactus in Ahero, carob in Gallilee, North Arizona’s mesquite or extra virgin olive oil of Italy, as it adapts to a hostile environment. As Kenya is an exporter of olive oil, here are some insights on why to go for the supplies from family growers who cultivate the brown olives in Taita Taveta, Wajir, Mandera, Marsabit and Turkana counties of the northern Kenya. Alongside green leafy vegetables and fish, this Mediterranean diet is a must-have for anyone suffering from heart diseases. But not all olive is extra virgin. Studies show that olives from smallholder farmers provide more organic qualities than those from large plantations. Thus, as a supplement for traditional sources like Spain, Greece and Palestine you can look further south into Kenya for your olive oil. Cactus thrives to the extent that does NOT transform. It stores water in the stems, and only nourishes at night. A slight change to this configuration and the cactus “drowns” or “dries up.” It is perfectly adapted to a severe context of deprivations. We cannot stop asking which other plants could flourish if the environment is changed? The eradication of extreme poverty, the reduction of emissions to achieve the 1.5 degree Celsius goal, the transformation of overcrowded cities into green and dynamic centres – all deal with the dilemma of either “improving the cactus” or “transforming the desert” appropriately with accurate timing of the season. “Grace Akinyi Olunga, Teacher, Atela Primary School, 22/09/2007.

a). One Village, One Product
Kinghorne peace debate is dominated by concerns such as poverty alleviation, gender sensitivity, the proper role of the state in sustainable development, role of macro policies, the role of the human capital in sustainable development and population and environmental and urban policies. Our approach to change is zero exclusion, zero carbon and zero poverty. Ultimately, the goal will be to reach a consensus that balances the needs of people, domestic animals, wildlife, biodiversity, and ecosystems.

b) Agroecology transformation strategy
Kinghorne sees opportunities in agroecological thinking and practice to support development of agriculture and supports its principles and practices to produce products by socially and environmentally responsible means. Through a soil health program that promotes integrated soil fertility management options, particularly increasing soil organic matter through combined use of organic fertilisers along with limited inorganic fertilisers; promoting inoculants to increase soil fertility and reduce demand for chemical fertilisers, and, through regenerative agriculture, which promotes key agroecological practices like minimum tillage, agroforestry, intercropping/crop rotation, use of cover crops, organic/compost manure, micro-dosing, soil and water conservation structures and mulching, cage-free, outdoor access, free-range systems and organic feeds.

c) Local Value, Global Vision
1. Building trust in governance and institutions through transparent, accountable and inclusive decision-making (governance).
2. Improving quality of life, access and wellbeing, to create an inclusive and fair society (social).
3. Growing productivity, the global economy and allowing equitable access to economic and growth opportunities, while efficiently using financial resources (economic).
4. Protecting environmental outcomes by reducing pollution, balancing resource consumption, conserving natural ecosystems and resources, and supporting climate mitigation and adaptation (environmental).

d) Kinghorne tech hub
Kinghorne is driving business growth, strengthening customer relationships and building new alliances. With the strong ecosystem of start-ups and large multinational corporations, the company is a hotpot for great talent — from biotech to software engineering, machine learning. For instance, we convert food waste into biodegradable plastics using microbe technology by growing bacteria that makes the precursor for making bioplastics, with universities and research hubs.

e) The Drama, Education, and the Politics of Change
We champion “One People, One Destiny”. We Play by rules of evidence and win like-minded by dint of intellect, vision and suasion. We are planted with legal mind, humour and deft negotiation on blue economy; Kenyan Baobab export to Britain; farming elands; agro-based processing; turnkey basis for the production of Guava juice, jam and cake; private jets designs; jambolan and loquat syrups and sherbets; hydroponics and agro-ecology balloon ventures; authentic honeymoon packages from secluded castle retreats to grandiose romantic resorts, seeing Serengeti from snowcapped Mt. Kenya right on Equator.

f) Kinghorne Greening and Sustainability strategy
In 2022, Kinghorne developed a new internal Greening and Sustainability strategy in order to improve its environmental performance, climate compatibility and resource efficiency. The strategy focuses on three areas:
Green Box: measure global energy consumption of Kinghorne offices in order to migrate from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Procure and install electricity meters in all Kinghorne offices; create a centrally managed dashboard with real-time data; carry out energy audits of all Kinghorne offices; and prepare business cases for each office to identify alternative energy options.
Green Financing Facility: Develop an innovative financing model to migrate Kinghorne offices from fossil fuels to renewable energy; establish internal Kinghorne Financing Facility to convert Kinghorne Operations from diesel to renewable energy; use the Financing Facility to procure from private sector independent power producers through Power Purchase Agreements or other such long term agreements to achieve positive carbon impact and positive financial impact to budget (cost effective).
Green Data: Implement dynamic technology platform for real-time monitoring and data visualization; establish systems and policies for real-time, high quality data collection of GHG emissions, energy, waste and water across Kinghorne; create data warehouses and dashboards for easy monitoring, reporting and decision-making.

g) Philanthropy, Technology and Democracy
Kinghorne strives to be attentive to issues across peace, gender, digital, climate, wealth and generational. To that end, we focus on what philanthropy can do to be more effective partners in strengthening democracy through civic technology and supporting the organizations, practices, and leaders to succeed in the innovation, creative industry and entrepreneurship.

h) The Inter-Agency Games
We are planning the greenest games ever, for you to join with colleagues from around the world in the spirit of the games and the Kinghorne values. We are looking forward to seeing you in 3×3 Basketball, acrobatic gymnastics, alpine skiing, archery, artistic gymnastics, artistic swimming, athletics, badminton, baseball softball, basketball, beach handball, beach volleyball, biathlon, BMX freestyle, BMX racing, bobsleigh, boxing, breaking, canoe / kayak flatwater, canoe / kayak slalom, cross-country skiing, curling, diving, equestrian, fencing, figure skating, football, freestyle skiing, futsal, golf, handball, hockey, ice hockey, judo, karate, luge, marathon swimming, modern pentathlon, mountain bike, nordic combined, rhythmic gymnastics, road cycling, roller speed skating, rowing, rugby, sailing, shooting, short track speed skating, skateboarding, skeleton, ski jumping, ski mountaineering, snowboard, speed skating, sport climbing, surfing, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, track cycling, trampoline, triathlon, volleyball, water polo, weightlifting, wrestling, literature and entertainment (film, television, music, and video games), and visual arts to prevent disasters, contribute to ending hunger, take climate action, and more.

Over to you
How is your operational efficiency, growth, asset quality, soundness, liquidity, profitability, competitive advantage and brand value? We have the technologies, we have the delivery platforms, and set standout customer care service to clients at scale.

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