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Where We Work

Accurate teamwork and plan executed with precision, discretion and appropriate timing

Science-based blueprint

Safe Innovation and Sustainability Science – We offer local value in a global vision, transforming lives and livelihoods. We are present in every region of the world, so the people most in need of help can be reached quickly through partnerships forum and networks that promote South-South, North-South, and triangular collaboration. We work with government institutions, UN agencies and civil society organizations, including NGOs, youth networks and groups to sustain political support for the mainstreaming of ecosystem approaches and systems thinking in national development policies as a demonstration that they are feasible and bring social, environmental and economic benefits.

Wholly integrative

Inclusive Self-Reliance and Creative Technology – We deliver results in the development of core ICT infrastructure which includes National Cloud Data Centre, Smart ICT Network, Public Safe City and Smart Traffic Solution, and Government Cloud and Enterprise Service. We carry out high quality and policy-relevant research on economic ministries, trade and investment promotion bodies, chambers of commerce, foreign ministries, embassies, consulates, and trade offices that handle economic diplomacy. Our Data Centre and Smart Cities strategy is to attract foreign and local investments.

Innovative solutions

Resilient Arts of Human Resource Development – Kinghorne puts a cool steady hand at the tiller and a firm eye on the agribusiness, finance, education, communication and health horizon; for it values innovation and sustainability in international development economics, environmental sustainability and policy-making. We value the efficiency with which economic, political and military information is collected for high definite level of development, policy making and administrative capacity ownership, the discipline and competence of the bureaucracy, and political economy information flows from proper pragmatic research are used for the implementation of programmes for human settlements and sustainable urban development; access basic services including electricity, running water and medical care: diversified financing, access to medicines, enhanced health governance, and enhancing global sporting relations.

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