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What We Do

Changing lives by increasing productivity and facilitating trade and investment.

1. Agribusiness: We are using isotopes and radiation techniques to combat pests and diseases, increase crop production, protect land and water resources, ensure food safety, and increase livestock production; biosensors, lateral flow, immunoassay test kits, integrated molecule DNA micro devices; nanotechnology in food production and packaging, nutrients and dietary supplements, food storage; and food nanosensors to detect food contamination and environment. Kinghorne sustainably enhances mechanics of the technologically advanced food production methods such as system of crop intensification, state-of-the-art urban aquaponic farm, and hydroponic food labs. We are making food systems more sustainable, productive and resilient, and to feed a hungry world in a way that is profitable for farmers yet produces healthy food that is accessible to all by use of drones, satellite imagery, block chains, a digital economy and mobile technology. Our bio-based industry changes renewable biological feedstocks (such as agricultural by-products, forestry residues, organic waste and aquatic biomass) into bio-based chemicals, materials, products and energy, replacing their fossil-based versions, including financing the costs, technology development and transfer, governance, land use, and land use planning. Mantra: Value Accelerator.

2. Finance: In a disruptive environment shaped by new technologies and data, we apply and upload financial, narrative, asset and audit reports, and track delivery, thinking and acting on the global financial system: the institutions, currencies and payment tools that dictate how the invisible liquidity is feeding the real economy flows around the world. We provide solutions to equities, bonds, forex, commodities, indices and shares based on an array of metrics including overall growth performance, financial soundness, profits on capital, leverage and return on risk. As the global financial industry continues to digitise, transform and reinvent itself, Kinghorne adapt innovations such as blockchain technology and cryptoassets, to enhance our ability to collect and process an almost infinite amount of data and the use of artificial intelligence are leading us towards ever more decentralised finance (DeFi). Kinghorne finance is showing the way to prosperity and sustainability, contributing to the growth of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), and stimulating financial inclusion. Mantra: Value returns.

3. Education: We put right value of time and money in curricula sourcebooks and leveraging technology assisted learning systems such as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), bio-healthcare; astrophysics and planetary science; coral reef restoration; precision farming and regenerative technology; smart city; and mobility and robotics. We are offering to support sustainable youth employment and quality education, training and networking programmes: (i) Space Science and Technology Education. (ii) Sports Science and Financial Education. (iii) Signing relevant agreements, including in the financial and technical sector, virtual university and e-learning, increased employment and industrial competence as envisioned by college cost and family finances. (iv) Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), drone and data academy, and big data and analytics (including predictive analytics), to allow organizations to create new customer experiences and new sales models, testing 5G networks and advanced fast-forward robotic technologies, including educational kids robot and a Robocop, developing technology-intensive and high-tech industries in ICT, biotechnology and e-commerce, expansion of infrastructure, education and capacity building, trade facilitation and investment, agricultural modernization, industrial promotion and energy connectivity in special economic zones (EPZ). The company’s Intelligent System Design strategy helps customers develop differentiated products – from chips to boards to intelligent systems – in mobile, consumer, cloud, data center, automotive, aerospace, IoT, industrial and other market segments. We work by ingesting structured data, such as historical sales and promotion data, external data such as the weather, rainfall and traffic, and unstructured data like social media and images. These data sets are analyzed and fed into a machine learning engine for automatic modeling in machine-readable formats such as XLS, CSV, JSON and XML to create algorithms for self-driving cars, weather forecasting, crucial life-saving medical gears, robots and automation of business operations. In a long term, Kinghorne plans to participate in the digital economy,  enjoy the benefits of a data-driven economy and support the blue economy through a maritime Internet of Things (IoT).  As short-term and medium-term plans, Kinghorne is adopting AI subsets such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Neural Networks, Robotics and Natural Language Processing, with the core aim of training personnel and supporting research and development of the technology. In short, our 5-100 years strategic plan is provide  service values in the field of international cooperation related to education and development, to develop a digital learning infrastructure for regional capacity-building programmes. It also plays an important role in the formation of new researchers and technicians in the different aspects of the art, culture, science and technology by focusing on teaching, research, citations, international outlook and industry income. Mantra: True value.

4. Communication: Our 3 critical components: 1.) Media: including Television Specials, radio podcasts, video teleconferencing, web series, voicing cartoons, short films and series, print and social media. 2.) Advocacy: tackling policies to enable social change. 3.) Social mobilization: engaging in social, economic and environmental trends and emerging issues as in cable infrastructures and newsletters – a more sustainable and innovation driven future in the top 5 Emerging Trends Impacting Communications Technology: Cloud Services, SD-WAN, Autonomous Things, Augmented Analytics and 5G.  In this way, Kinghorne creates intellectual property, infrastructure, semiconductors, software, and services related to rebuilding the way the world connects, computes and communicates. Kinghorne is seeking to build artificial intelligence capabilities by compiling video and other data and feeding it into systems that can learn facial features and other identifying information. We are gathering immense amounts of data, feeding those into AI systems and then refining them in that way for sensitive intragovernmental telecommunications networks and key communication channels in Africa. Mantra: Value inventions.

5. Health: We are a knowledge and research-based biotechnology producer responsible for priority products in the fields of biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical raw materials, vaccines, probiotics, equipment and chemical drug. Innovative products, which can apply a nano-layer on the fibers e.g. Stemcell Technologies, Electrospinning, etc. We build and secure projects that are expected to boost a convention and leadership centre, an innovation and botanical garden, drug manufacturing, university of life science college of pharmacy as well as a cancer research and management centre. Mantra: Value medicare.

The bottom line: Kinghorne focuses on customer needs, expectations, understandings, and product improvement.