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Retail Operations

Key readings of retail sales and industrial production, backed by the full faith and the value of powerful economy.

A. Kinghorne World of Garment – Textile – Fashion

 Fashion apparel, jewelry and accessories, books, home furnishings, lighting products, bath textiles and accessories, bedding, home fragrance products, small leather goods, and bottled spring water.
 Lifestyle Collection of high-end designer-fashion and cosmetics: fragrances, footwear, handbags, outerwear and eyewear.

B. Kinghorne real time service products.

 Assessment, Collection and Accounting for revenues e.g. KRA Services
 Company Registration and related services
 Event Management Services
 Marriage Registration and related services
 Mastering Public Speaking, Presentations and Story Telling
 Finance, Budgeting and Cost Control.
 Business proposal and business plan

C. Kinghorne strategic value self-service shop

 Rice cakes, fish and seafood, fresh produce, dairy, and baked goods.
 Kitchenware, household cleaners, pharmacy products and pet supplies.
 Non-food products: DVDs, sporting equipment, board games, and seasonal items (e.g. Christmas, Birthdays, etc.)
 Banks, cafés, childcare centres/creches, insurance (and other financial services), mobile-phone services, photo processing, video rentals, and petrol stations.
 Grocerant, a blend of “grocery” and “restaurant”.

D. Kinghorne Abundant Skilled Traders

  Kinghorne is establishing itself as an automotive manufacturing hub, tailoring, carpentry, general construction, plumbing, pipe fitting, electrical and electronic control systems, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration, metal work and masonry. It details market size, forecasts, emerging trends, market opportunities, and investment risks in over 33 segments in industrial, residential, commercial, institutional, and infrastructure construction sectors, covering: Market Data and Insights, Residential Building Construction Coverage, Residential Green Building Construction Coverage, Commercial Building Construction Coverage, Commercial Green Building Construction Coverage, Institutional Building Construction Coverage, Institutional Green Building Construction Coverage, Infrastructure Construction Sectors, etc.

E. Kinghorne real space Balloon Ventures

 Infrastructure
 Procurement
 Project management
 Human resources
 Financial management 

F. Kinghorne Valued-Partners Consultancy

• One on One Meetings
• Workshops & Trainings
• Panels & Roundtables
• Networking Cocktails
• Exhibition
• Match – Making Session
• Field Trade Missions

The bottom line: We dream, plan and build on customer needs, expectations, understandings, and product improvement.