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Fixed asset investment goals, design or functionality, backed by the full faith and the value of powerful economy.

Milestone 2001-2010

June 8, 2003

St. Teresa’s Opanga Secondary School:
Company formation as a dream and plan for enterprise Kenya

A limited company formation negotiated, then administered by Kennedy Adongo. The rationality of the company is to share profits or dividends for an approved period of time until members recoup their initial cash outlay to start serving enterprise Kenya and establishing more effective regional economic links for building a future in which biodiversity is protected, peoples are fed, industries are running efficiently, foreign direct investments are resilience, and prosperous economies are sustainable. Dividends are a factor in the Kinghorne gains by the blue chip stocks. The agribusiness, finance, education, communication and health make shall maintain generous dividend policies that will see it pay nearly all its net earnings to shareholders. The firm is also liquid stocks, offering investors an opportunity to enter and exit the counters with ease – both large cap and SMEs.

Milestone 2011-2020

June 8, 2012

Kinghorne Limited – Chief Wilfred Gose:
Company Registration

Wilfred Gose guided the company registration through legal, regulatory and institutional arrangements in a variety of sectors – fintech, e-commerce, healthtech, local transportation, food delivery and business-to-business (B2B) e-logistics; codifying new e-supply, as well as the protection of intellectual property for lives (health), livelihoods (economy) and living/lifestyle (social).

Milestone 2021-2030

June 8, 2021

Sustainable Development-Kenya Vision 2030: 
Boosting sales, extending customer base and creating a platform for expansion.

Building a more sustainable future, encouraging action, underscoring the need to transform business culture, mobilise more finance to help with green and development projects and optimise financial opportunities for the public and private sectors. Key priorities are multilateralism, democracy, global trade, international security, climate change, and the digital sphere.

At Kinghorne, our 5-point plan to a strong growth trajectory environmentalist and socio-economist intelligence unit (ESIU) for the agribusiness, finance, education, communication and health industries include the following:

♦    Become more agile with the help of enterprise solutions which will provide industry specific infrastructure to businesses.
♦         Reduce total cost of ownership.
♦         Ensure accessibility and reliability.
♦         Streamline processes and increase efficiencies across global supply chains.
♦         Improve both regulatory and ethical compliance.

The bottom line: We dream, plan and build on customer needs, expectations, understandings, and product improvement.