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Transformational Human Capital and Workplace Solutions


Kinghorne invites you to impact social, political and economic atmosphere: facilitate the flow of goods and services; provide protections for investors and intellectual property rights; encourage trade and investment; and improve the rules affecting issues like e-commerce and government procurement.

1. Careers
Kinghorne builds dignified green jobs that contribute to preserve or restore the environment, anchored by an understanding of place and strategic principle, to build partnerships between countries in the region by broadcasting Foreign Affairs and Trade services. Open to Applications.

2. Procurement
Kinghorne builds preventive waste and pollution purchasing in two tranches of initial 30% up-front partial payment and 70% at the time of finalizing the transaction for strong regional economic cooperation and integration. Thumb Rule: Do not owe anybody any money any time. Open to Applications.

3. Scholarships
Kinghorne by grace and nature gives people jobs, pay them well and let them use their money to further their education in creative industry, innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and leadership. Open to Applications.

4. Research Awards
Kinghorne builds diverse value aeronautics, biomedical devices, or ecology discretionary grant, block grant, or any of the other types of grants by consideration of potential ‘external benefits’ of international broadcasting services and the setting of strategic objectives. Open to Applications.

5. Fellowships
Kinghorne builds a unique prestigious opportunity to put green innovative leadership initiatives into actions that value industrial revolution and market-driven data expressed from a situational awareness. Open to Applications.

6. Apprenticeship
Kinghorne builds hands-on systems design, cooperative living and running of sustainable projects, while linking together ecological, social, economic and cultural aspects into a unified whole. Open to Applications.

7. Internship
Kinghorne builds leaders who work together for an exciting and a diverse world of commercial services undertaken for corporate green practice to own innovation and sustainability, build it, multiply it and pass it on like one who is painting an artist’s life through an insider’s brush, the masterpiece you would always want to create by seizing the economic dividend that will empower women and youths, then government, businesses and community. Open to Applications.

Kinghorne Benefits & Perks
To ensure incremental and radical service values in truth, equality, progressive togetherness, justice, community harmony, order, respect and mutual satisfaction, we go an extra mile and calculate a living wage based on the basic needs for survival of youths, women, and exceptional people or as Peter Drucker Advocated a Ratio of 20 to 1 for CEO to Average Worker Pay. We thrive on a “balance sheet” of hard and soft capital to drive equalization of available opportunities.

The bottom line: Kinghorne focuses on customer needs, expectations, understandings, and product improvement.