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Kinghorne is a global footprint platform of growth strategy that is an integral part of a diversified agribusiness, finance, education, communication and health.


Our Vision

Agility in an integrated sustainable investing


1. To encourage trade and investment.
2. To support peace and security.
3. To strengthen mutual democratic institutions.
4. To promote sustainable progressive development.
5. To adapt climate change solutions.

Brand Statement

The Kinghorne brand works as the aspirational, for the middle class who want to be upper class, it works as an upper-class brand – not only for investors seeking yield, but also those seeking catalysts to unlock future growth.

Philosophy of Management

Philosophy: Promote trade and investment liberalization, competitive advantage and regional economic integration
Work ethics: Play by rules of intellect, vision and suasion.
Core Ideologies: Bolstering our corporate sales, extending our customer base and creating a platform for expansion.
Principles: Multilateralism and international cooperation.


Our Mission

Rebuilding trade, infrastructure and industry efficiency

Core Values

Professionalism, Integrity, Customer Diversity (‘pic’, from Latin pictura “painting ideas”); best adapt & adjust to the changing flows of legal mind, humour & deft negotiation for capital, asset quality, profitability, soundness, liquidity, growth, operational efficiency and competitive advantage

Critical Success Factors

  1. Employee & customer-centric organization.
  2. Self-innovating and tech advantage cultures
  3. Right value proposition & shrewd marketing.
  4. Robust enterprise and corporate governance.

Policy Statement

Kinghorne is leveraging posterity leadership in impact performance management, professional development and succession planning; upwards to the organizations, downwards to governments, and sideways to the non-governmental organizations, to the public opinion, the press and abstract forces of nature or of the markets.


Our Motto

Service Values [re-build issues or re-design solutions] 


Sustainability, Efficiency, Provenance, Transparency (sept, from the Latin, meaning “fold”), for simplicity & plurality that lead to long-term profits, relevance in society, and a strong shared value, from accelerators, co-working sites, incubators, creative industry & digital economy reserves. 

Positioning Statement

Kinghorne actualizes trade between Africa and Europe, build up investments into Asia and the Pacific, expand markets into Latin America and Caribbean, & profit for purpose entrepreneurs in North America and West Asia.

Kinghorne Code

Drivers: Culture, architecture and digital alignment.
Slogan: Shared value [people, processes, technology].
Model: Diversification [free, open, resilient, inclusive].
Service Charter: Soaring brand value and brand equity for increased consumer’s choice in efficient low-cost services.
Tech Branch: Water, Food, Power, Data, Circular economy.

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Strategic Document

Kinghorne is independent and enjoying legislative and administrative competence, by law, giving it prestige and power in its decisions in maintaining global peace and security. By virtue of that right Kinghorne freely pursues its economic, social and cultural development to promote prosperity, democracy and peace, amplify the voice of small states, and protect the environment. The predominance of Kinghorne is borne out by the following document:

The Companies Act (Chapter 486 of the Laws of Kenya)
Certificate of Incorporation: No. CPR/2012/75985

Kinghorne provides in-depth analysis and policy recommendations on important aspects of development and serves as a reference point for, among others, policymakers, governments, civil societies, scholars and multilateral bodies.

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Global Priorities

The only unique thing about Kinghorne is the immediacy and determination to rebuild lives and livelihoods on a solid foundation; all of which requires formulating national scientific research and technology policies, improving the quality of education and building a knowledge society, raising levels of investment in research and development and innovation, promoting regional cooperation, supporting the establishment of an international mechanism for facilitating the development, transfer and diffusion of environmentally sound and clean technology to developing countries, and reconsidering the current forms of cooperation in technology transfer, indigenization and financing:

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Priority Groups

Kinghorne targets young graduates and female developers who want to secure lifetime income and build a future as business leaders, politicians, investigative journalists, techies, policymakers, financial experts, economists, athletes and investors or industry barons. The company is tech-enabled and/or leveraging on emerging technologies, including but not limited to; Internet of Things (IoT); Artificial Intelligence; Robotics; Augmented & Virtual Reality; 3D & 4D Printing; Cloud Computing; Big Data; Blockchain; Drone Technology and Biometrics through: 
Micro Enterprises
Small Enterprises
Medium Enterprises
C corporations
S corporations
B corporations
Nonprofit corporations

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Happy guy
Betsy Chia [domain generalist in commerce and specialist in trade, fintech, healthtech, agritech, e-delivery and e-logistics backed by digital marketing and retail concepts]. 

Denish Nyaugu [domain generalist in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and specialist in technology education, blockchains, AI and machine learning, 4D printing, nanotechnology].

Charles Olunga [domain generalist in automotive engineering and specialist in petrochemical, renewable energy, machinery and machine components, energy-efficient appliances].

Victor Okeyo [domain generalist in economics and specialist in Investing | Advice | Banking | Retirement | Entrepreneurship | Credit Risk Analytics and Data Management | Innovation].

Lilian Ogada [domain generalist in clinical medicine and specialist in project management, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, procurement, human resources, financial management].

Kennedy Adongo [Kenyan economist, diplomat & educationist: A counselor for political affairs and international relations; Corporate Services, Law & Policy Programme, Governance Affairs]. 

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In brief – Mission & mandate

Kinghorne is a global footprint platform of growth strategy that is an integral part of a diversified agribusiness, finance, education, communication and health. Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, we started as early as 8 June 2003, but licensed on 8 June 2012. We focus on customer needs, expectations, understandings, and product improvement.

Where We Stand
33K+ Social Media Followers
Global Merchants and Agents
Global Customers
Valuable Asset Base
Committed Employees
Growing Branches
Global Awards
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